How to Stay Out of Facebook Jail

Have you ever wondered how you can find yourself in Facebook jail? You didn't mean to violate their terms but now you can't comment or post.

Has your personal or business Facebook account been disabled?🤔 You could post and comment yesterday but can't today.😩 Or maybe your reach has all of a sudden tanked. Guess what? It could be that you’re in Facebook jail.  Below, we’re giving you some common reasons people find themselves in Facebook jail and how to avoid these mistakes.

Why You Could Be In FB Jail:

  1. Commenting on the same comment over and over. So, don’t copy and paste comments. If you are being asked about the necklace you're wearing, don't just post the link repeatedly (FB will mistake you as a bot).
  2. Using your personal FB profile for business. So, create a business page for your business. Personal for personal stuff and business for business stuff.
  3. You have two personal profiles (you are only one individual, so you’re only allowed one personal account).
  4. Using trigger words “comment below,” “tag your friend,” and "giveaway" can be problematic. This may or may not land you in FB jail, but it has some accounts.
  5. You aren’t using your real name. Don’t use a business name for your personal profile.
  6. You used someone else’s intellectual property, putting your name on it and not giving credit or asking for their permission. They might report you, and if reported enough, you could have issues with your account.
    NOTE: it's also stealing, which is also illegal.
  7. You did something that violates FB policies and procedures, so become familiar with the rules. They do change from time to time.
  8. Your credit card for your ads account has expired.
  9. Doing things too many, too quickly. For example: commenting back to people or responding to DMs. You do want to respond, but do so at a normal pace, or you could be flagged as a bot.

We talk about number 6 a lot because it can get you into trouble (other than FB jail), and it’s better to create original content. That’s one of the ways you set yourself apart from others. If you need help learning some tech (apps, etc.), you suggest our Branding & Marketing YOU self-paced course.

For more info on what to say and what not to say on FB, click here to grab our free guide. This guide will give you more tips on how to steer clear of Facebook jail.

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