Meet the Social Tech Team

We are so excited to meet you and see how we can support you in your business as you work to meet your business goals! We know the digital world can be a daunting place for some, it can be for us sometimes too! But this is the playground we love to play in and are here to help you in a variety of ways.

We offer:
self paced courses
a monthly support Academy
content calendar
1 on 1 support
team trainings
license partnerships with large corporations

Need something not listed? Just ask.


I'm Deb Raley and this is my fabulous family! We are residents of The Woodlands, Texas. I have 2 kids in college (West Virginia University and Baylor University) and my youngest in junior high. We have 2 dogs (@bigdoghuggins is our STT mascot) that we adore. My husband is my best friend, my life love, my constant cheerleader. God has blessed us in so many ways and we try to never take it for granted. Faith - family - friendships - coffee..... unwavering on all of these.

I have always loved business and technology. My background is in marketing. Social Media came out long after my college days - but through continuing education and collegiate certifications I have kept up. I specialize in general technology (beyond social media), websites, digital marketing (social, text, email) and business development.  My favorite social media sites are Facebook (love/hate relationship) and Tik Tok.

In 2015 I started writing courses and teaching small business owners and direct sellers how to use digital tools for their businesses - but it all began with teaching churches how to use digital tools to connect with their congregation and market themselves! By 2018, there were so many needing help that I reached out to Becca and asked her to join me in this adventure! A re-brand happened and the Social Tech Team was born.  My favorite way to connect is by text if it can't be in person. I love cheering on my small business friends, supporting them in their businesses and celebrating all our wins together!

I’m Becca Perry — an extrovert, born and raised in Northeast Tennessee, where I still live. I love the mountains and lakes in our area. My husband Chuck and I have been empty-nesters since 2020. Our daughter lives locally, and our son is a junior in college. We enjoy camping in our travel trailer and being outdoors. We met on a blind date and have been married for 27 years.

Several years into my ten-year-long business in direct sales, I became determined to learn social media and technology for my business. I spent countless hours googling, watching youtube videos, and took online courses to learn the skills to run a successful online business. I was the go-to person when others in my circle of direct-selling friends had questions about video or social media. It was then that I realized THAT is what I wanted to do.

In 2018, I joined up with Deb, and the Social Tech Team was born. I specialize in video, Instagram, and apps for business use. My favorite social media platform is Instagram. It brings me great joy to help other business women step out of their comfort zones and experience success in their own businesses!